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Resource Leveling in Microsoft Project – 2

Leveling Multiple Resources

If project leveling is to be used to schedule work we should see how well it handles multiple resources.  Also can one resource be levelled within multiple assignments?

Suppose the leveling is cleared and an extra resource Joanna replaces Steve to develop the documentation.
It is possible now to level the project for a specific resource.

  • Leveling one resource:

To level the project just for one of the resources : Click Resource, Level Resource

Leveling one resource

Choosing Simon schedules his tasks according to their priority.

Leveling one resource

Note that Joanna is over allocated because her tasks have not been levelled.

  • Leveling all resources:

To level multiple resources at one time, select the Level All rather than Level Resource.

Leveling all resources

There are no over allocations and the project finishes sooner with Joanna on board (16 days rather than 20).

Level Selection

Leveling can be also applied to specific selected tasks by selecting Level Selection.
In this example, select the first 3 tasks and click

Leveling all resources in Microsoft Project – Level Selection

This time only the selected tasks are levelled while the others are not.

Leveling Options

When Project levels resources there are several settings that can be set that control the way the leveling is calculated. These can be viewed and set from Resource, Leveling Option

Leveling Option

  • Leveling Calculation:  Set to Manual for most cases. Choosing Automatic reschedules all tasks whenever a change is made.
  • Leveling Range :  It can Apply to the entire project or specify a date range.
  • Level From To :  Setting as Priority, Standard will take into account the priority value before slack. Setting to ID ignores task Priority.
  • Level only within available slack:  When a project contains linked tasks Leveling is restricted to tasks with slack. (See Format, Slack to show on the Gantt Chart). Ticking this may result in some over allocations not being resolved.
  • Leveling can adjust individual assignments on a task:  means the entire team does not have to work together on tasks.
  • Leveling can create splits:  untick if you don’t want tasks split due to Leveling
  • Level manually scheduled task:  untick if you want to not level manually scheduled tasks.
  • OK:  keeps the settings without Leveling the project.
  • Level All:  Levels all the resources in the project
  • Clear Leveling:  you will be prompted for selected tasks or the entire project.

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