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Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
Cost & Schedule Management
Project Reviews & Audits

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) enables an organization to define, prioritize, understand, and measure the impact of projects on the organization.  PPM also defines the magnitude of resource involvement so you don’t over-commit your teams.

AliZar The Consultants  establishes and improves your project management and project portfolio management tools and processes so that you consistently prioritize and execute the projects tied to your organization’s strategy that will yield the strongest profit and benefits.

Cost & Schedule Management

We have an extremely talented pool of cross-industry experts capable of managing infinitely complex problem sets keeping all moving parts driving towards successful completion.

AliZar The Consultants  is unparalleled in providing cost, planning, and scheduling management services on projects in multiple industries. We provide owners with constant feedback and information to ensure successful project execution. To accomplish this, we develop and maintain custom reports that graphically depict project cost and schedule status in a timely manner. This leads to enhanced cost and schedule management and increases the likelihood of achieving (or beating) your cost and schedule goals.

Our schedule management services include developing master, objective, design phase, development, and close-out schedules; reviewing contractor schedules; setting time and liquidated damages; and providing value scheduling.

Our cost management processes actively control cost at all project stages, giving project participants a clear financial picture at any time and allowing team members to make timely, informed decisions.

Project Reviews & Audits

A  project audit provides an opportunity to uncover the issues, concerns and challenges encountered in the execution of a project. It affords the project manager, project sponsor and project team an interim view of what has gone well and what needs to be improved with the project to successfully complete it.

AliZar The Consultants performs the following audits:

  • Contract documents quality and completeness
  • Project cost and analysis
  • Cost and schedule impact resolution
  • Change order and claims procedural compliance
  • Public procurement policies compliance
  • Design/construction contract compliance
  • PMIS utilization and performance
  • Design/development organizational performance
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