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Duration: 2 Days

What you will learn

The two-day course covers how to build enterprise data structures and configure settings to support an enterprise implementation or Cloud deployment. It also provides basic information on using Primavera Gateway to configure integrations between P6 and other applications. Among topics covered: How to build and manage the EPS and OBS; add users and configure security; set enterprise data and default settings; and support project management processes.

Learn To

  • Manage EPS and OBS
  • Create resources and roles
  • Configure security
  • Manage enterprise settings
  • Support project management processes


  • Administrator
  • Functional Implementer
  • Project Manager

Course Objectives

  • Add resources
  • Manage users in Cloud or on-premises
  • Configure security
  • Set enterprise data
  • Set project data
  • Establish project defaults
  • Manage reporting
  • Build OBS
  • Build EPS


Course Topics

Managing the EPS

  • Elements of the EPS
  • Benefits of the EPS

Managing the OBS

  • Elements of the OBS
  • Configuring users

Defining Resources and Roles

  • Specifying rates for roles
  • Setting role limits
  • Creating a resource
  • Assigning resource and role teams

Configuring Enterprise Data

  • Creating financial periods
  • Creating a global calendar
  • Create user-defined fields

Managing User Access

  • Adding users in Cloud or on-premises
  • Creating security profiles
  • Creating user accounts
  • User interface views

Planning the Project

  • Create project templates
  • Configure project baselines

Scheduling Services

  • Publish P6 data
  • Create reporting schedules
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