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PMBOK® 6th Edition Guide Release Date : PMP Exam Update

UPDATE :  Sep 22.2017

According to PMI: ” As a result of the release of the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition in September 2017, the PMP exam will change 26 March 2018. These updates will ensure the exam content is consistent with the PMBOK® Guide

For more information, please visit PMI  

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UPDATED :  August 12.2017

According to the update history of the project management standard  PMBOK® Guide ( A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge),  PMI would release a new version of the PMBOK® Guide every 4 to 5 years in order to catch up with the changes in project management practices and trend.

PMI released an exposure draft (beta draft) of the PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition in July 2016.  The Draft Release is mainly intended for for global stakeholders to review and comment. Their input will be incorporated into the final draft to ensure the Guide reflects current trends and practices in project management


When will PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition be released?

According to PMI®, we can expect the following release dates:

  • Final Release is scheduled for the third quarter of 2017 ( Sep 2017)
  • You have until early 2018 before the PMP certification exam will be updated.


What are the major changes that will happen?

PMI has made several changes to the PMBOK® Guide . These changes are the most critical:


  • Agile Addition

As some of us already heard there will be some new content to emphasisze the importance and relevance of agile and other iterative practices. With Agile being such a hot topic and a methodology being widely practiced, PMI has not only incorporated Agile and similar iterative practices in the various knowledge areas, but they also created a new “Agile in Project Management” section.

PMI aims to remain compliant with traditional trends, while at the same time, improve the standards with some flexibility for innovation. Having an agile approach on international project management processes, maps and tools/techniques in new edition of PMBOK will require today’s PMPs to be more knowledgeable in this methodology and its applications. .


  •  Three New Processes Added

  1.   ‘Manage Project Knowledge’: included in the executing process group and Project Integration Management knowledge area.
  2.   ‘Implement Risk Responses’: included in the executing process group and Project Risk Management knowledge area.
  3.   ‘Control Resources’: included in the monitoring/controlling process group and Project Resource Management knowledge area.


  • Two Existing Processes Removed

  1.   ‘Estimate Activity Resources’: will be covered as part of the scheduling component.
  2.   ‘Close Procurement’: will be combined with control procurement and close project.


  • Two Knowledge areas will be renamed:

  1.   Project Human Resource Management to “Project Resource Management”
  2.   Project Time Management to “Project Schedule Management”


  • Some Processes areas will be renamed:

  1. Perform Quality Assurance to “Manage Quality”
  2. Plan Human Resource Management to “Plan Resource Management”
  3. Acquire Project Team to “Acquire Resources”
  4. Control Communications to “Monitor Communications”
  5. Control Risks to “Monitor Risks“
  6. Plan Stakeholder Management to “Plan Stakeholder Engagement”
  7. Control Stakeholder Engagement to “Monitor Stakeholder Engagement”


  • Changes to the project management plan components

Note the following changes to the project management plan components and project documents:

  • The components of the project management plan that are inputs to a process, or that are updated as outputs from a process, are not listed individually in the inputs or outputs. Rather, the project management plan is the input and project management plan updates is the output.
  • Beneath the input/output table, a list of potential project management plan components is identified. However, the components of the project management plan that will be inputs or updated depends on the needs of the project.
  • Project documents are listed as an input and project documents updates is listed as an output, as appropriate. Beneath the input/output table there is a list of potential project documents that may be inputs, or may be updated as an output. The needs of the project will determine the actual project documents that should be inputs or updated as an output.


PMP Exam Update

  • The PMP exam is changing in the first quarter of 2018. The exact date of the examination change will be announced soon.
  • Anyone taking the exam prior to Q1 2018 will receive the current version of the exam that references the PMBOK Guide® – Fifth Edition.


When will PMVISION update their material to reflect the new PMP Exam content?

As always, PMVISION is proactive with making changes to our materials to align with the upcoming changes. We have  already began updating our course material based on the exposure draft of PMI. We will continue through the end of 2017 to ensure the courses continues its ability to produce the high pass rate that PMVISION has maintained for many years

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